POS software company provides more help to small business retailers reducing theft

Tower Systems has been helping more retailers using its POS software POS software to deal with employee theft situations. We have a structured process for independently checking evidence without being influenced by stories. The process has been praised by police and prosecutors. It has been on show in court rooms where we have provided expert witness evidence.

Employees in retail businesses using our software are on notice. We have tools you will never find which can uncover behavior which indicates without a doubt that theft is occurring. This evidence has stood up scrutiny and resulted in successful action.

Our advice to retailers is to use the facilities in our software for theft reduction. If you have a concern, ask us for a free Theft Check service.

We’re here to help. That’s our motto. When it comes to employee theft, we’re in your corner and there to help you deal with it and get through the emotional and operational challenges of discovering a theft situation.

Our theft related work is undertaken at senior levels within the business. It is highly confidential. Our most cases are never discussed until completely closed and even then only ever without identifying details.


POS software company offers help to retailers impacted by theft

POS software company by Tower Systems helps retailers who have been hit by theft with investigative services that meet the needs of police and prosecutors.

Developed over years of work with law enforcement, our evidence gathering work can help provide certainty about theft perpetrator(s) and the possibility of conviction.

Better still, our work helps retailers prevent theft by employees and customers. This is where real savings can be made by retailers – in reducing theft.

People can be clever in their approach to stealing from retailers. Techniques used change. This is where our specialist services can and do help.

Tower Systems helps retailers in many ways. Our theft reduction work is particularly valuable.


Sunday retail management advice: cut employee theft in your shop

Through its Point of Sale software and retail business support services, Tower Systems helps small and independent retailers cut employee theft. In the last week, the company has helped with another free training workshop offered to retail business owners. We showed how employees steal, when and explored why. This information will help cut theft in businesses.

Our advice today is for retailers: use your POS software to cut employee theft. If you are not sure what tools are available to you – ask. Such advice should be free and confidential.

Employee theft can cost between 3% and 5% of sales. Tower Systems has a track record of helping retailers to cut theft using extensive and valuable tools in its POS software.


Free POS software training: How employees steal from retail businesses

stealHow employees steal from retail businesses is a free training workshop from the POS software experts Tower Systems. Delivered by our COO, this training is vital for retail business owners. It will draw on expert advice from one who helps police, prosecutors and insurance companies deal with employee theft in retail businesses.

With just a few places left, this training will fill up for sure.

Tower Systems leads its marketplaces with live online training opportunities – helping retailers to learn more about their software and how to save their businesses time and money.


Sunday retail business management advice: 16 ways retailers can reduce employee theft

  1. For everyday items, items most people will use or could convert to cash, use stock control. Enter new stock as it comes in, scan all sales and only reorder based on what you software says. Every month do a stock take. Take cigarettes – Tobacco stock discrepancies are an indicator of theft. Had one newsagent been doing this they would have caught their $250 a day employee theft months earlier.
  2. Scan everything you sell. Do not use department keys as this makes it easier for employees to steal since they know there is no trackback to stock on hand. Using department keys is an invitation to steal.
  3. Do your end of shift through your software and have a zero-tolerance policy on being over or under. Reconcile banking to your computer software end of shift. One newsagency where this was not done was being skimmed regularly for $200 a day.
  4. Do spot cash balancing. Unexpected checks can uncover surprises. One newsagent needing to do a banking during the day uncovered a $350 discrepancy that lead to discovery of systematic theft.
  5. Change your roster. Sometimes people work together to steal. One newsagent found a family friend senior and their teenage daughter stealing consistently.
  6. Check your Audit Log. Look at cancelled sales, deleted sales and items deleted from a sale. Leaving a cash drawer open from the previous sale, scanning items, taking the cash and cancelling the sale is the most common process used by employees to accrue cash they then take from you. Good software tracks cancelled sales and what was in them. This can be matched with video footage.
  7. Check GP by department. If GP is falling outside what you expect, research it further.
  8. Setup a theft policy. Put this on a noticeboard in the back room. Get staff to read it and sign up to it. See the last page of this advice.
  9. Keep the counter clean. A better organised counter reduces the opportunity for theft as it makes detection easier.
  10. Have a no employee bags at the counter policy. This makes it harder for them to hide your cash.
  11. Beware employees who carry folded paper or small notepads. These can be used for them to keep track of how much cash is in the register that is theirs – i.e. not rung up in the software.
  12. Beware of calculators with memories at the counter. One newsagency employee used the memory function to track how much cash had to be stolen prior to balancing for the day – cash from sales not rung up.
  13. Do not let employees sell to themselves. If they want to purchase something make them purchase it from the other side of the counter.
  14. Be professional in your management of the business. The more professional your approach they less likely your employees will steal as they will see the risk of being caught as high.
  15. Advise all job applicants that you will require their permission for a police check. From the outset this indicates that you take your business seriously. In many situations applicants who have been asked for permission to do a police check advise they have found a job elsewhere.
  16. Do not take cash out for your own use in front of employees. If they see you take cash for a coffee or lunch some will see this as an invitation.

Sunday retail management advice: cut employee theft with better control

Cutting retail employee theft is easy in our experience. We have worked with retailers, police, investigators and insurance companies for decades and still the most common reason theft occurs is because of poor controls.

Retailers who implement recommended controls will experience less theft. That is our experience.

The controls we recommend are:

  1. Balance your cash at the end of each shift. Make employees responsible for balancing.
  2. Do not take cash out without it being recorded.
  3. Owners / managers spend time at the country unexpectedly.
  4. Balance your banking to your cash takings daily.
  5. Balance your actual GP to expected GP for key departments monthly.
  6. Implement a theft policy that all employees are required to sign.

We work with individual businesses on their situation and will happily help any Tower Systems customer in this area.

Employee theft can be cut and we can help achieve this.


Helping small business retailers cut employee theft

Employee theft can hit a retail business hard, especially if the business does not have a retail business theft policy in place. For many years we have advocated to our retail business customers about theft and how to manage the risk for the benefit of the business and those who depend on it. yet, unfortunately, too often retailers ignore what they must do until they have discovered theft.

We are on a mission this week to encourage and guide our almost 3,000 small business customers to manage their businesses for theft, especially employee theft.

Our POS software has excellent tools and facilities through which the retail business owners can reduce the cost of theft and more easily discover possible theft situations. We back this with advice on best practice theft management in retail. Our advice draws on our own experiences in retail as well as our considerable experience helping others through work with the police and prosecution in court cases.

We understand the role evidence plays and have tuned our software over the years to provide evidence necessary to discovering and prosecuting instances of theft.


Sunday small business retail management advice: manage theft!

Employee theft and customer theft, like any activity in a retail business, require management. Not encouragement! … management. It starts with tracking, understanding what is being stolen, how often and when. Whether it is cash or products or services, tracking theft is the first step to reducing the cost of theft.

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have excellent tools for tracking and managing theft. Some of these tools are obvious and others are hidden for security reasons.

Through advice sheets, training videos, live training and other access points we help retailers understand their theft management options – all with the goal of reducing the cost of theft to the retail business.

This is another commercial benefit for retailers using our POS software. Retailers who do not use our theft management tools are more open to theft costing more in their business.



Sunday small business retailer management advice: create a THEFT POLICY for your shop

A theft policy is vital for every retail business. here is advice from Tower Systems on what should be in a theft policy. We first provided this to our customers years ago and have recently finessed it based on experiences helping retailers to address theft challenges.

We suggest putting this on a notice board in a common area for employees to read and sign:


1. Theft, any theft, is a crime against this business, its owners, employees and others who rely on us for their income.

2. If you discover any evidence or have any suspicion of theft, please report it to the business owner or most senior manager possible immediately. Doing so could save a considerable cost to the business.

3. We have a zero tolerance policy on theft. All claims will be reported to law enforcement authorities for their investigation.

4. From time to time we have the business under surveillance in an effort to reduce theft. This may mean that you are photographed or recorded in some other way. By working here you accept this as a condition of employment.

5. New employees are to provide permission for a police check prior to commencement of employment.

6. Cash is never to be left unattended outside the cash drawer or a safe within the business.

7. Credit and banking card payments are not to be accepted unless the physical card is presented and all required processes are followed for processing these.

8. Employees caught stealing with irrefutable evidence face immediate dismissal to the extent permitted by local labour laws.

9. Employees are not permitted to remove inventory from the store without permission.

10. Employees are not permitted to provide a refund to a customer without appropriate management permission.

11. Employees are not permitted to complete sales to themselves.

12. Every dollar stolen from the business by customers and or employees can cost us up to four dollars to recover. This is why vigilance on theft is mission critical for our retail store.


Beyond excellent Point of Sale software, Tower Systems helps retailers with practical advice on how to improve their business as well as how to mitigate against expensive business challenges such as employee theft.


Helping retailers reduce the risk of fraud

Tower Systems has shared fresh advice with retailers this week on how to reduce the impact of shopper and customer fraud in their businesses. With Christmas being fraud season in some retail channels the advice is timely and has been well received.

This latest advice is based on recent experiences in several retail businesses.

Our Point of Sale software has excellent fraud mitigation facilities that retailers can use themselves to reduce fraud and detect fraud. These continue to evolve based on field experience and feedback from fraud prevention experts.

Our work as expert witnesses in theft cases and work with police on investigations continues to inform our moves in this space.

Retailers properly using our software and following our advice can reduce the impact of fraud in their businesses. 


Helping retailers reduce the opportunity of theft this Christmas

Tower Systems is sharing practical advice with retailers using its Point of Sale software on how to cut the opportunity of employee theft this Christmas.

Sharing practical advice at the best possible time is an important service we provide our retail partners.

In our software we have excellent theft reduction and theft tracking tools that work well in any retail situation. Our own experience running retail businesses helps us provide retailers with advice beyond what is usual for a POS software company.

The advice we provide is based on our own experience owning and operating retail businesses in several retail channels.

Retailers following our advice can cut theft.


Retail employee theft on the rise as Christmas approaches?

We are seeing evidence of a rise in employee theft in retail, continuing a trend of recent years when employee theft has risen as Christmas approaches.  our advice to retailers for better managing to reduce employee theft is:

  1. Be vigilant, adopt a zero tolerance approach.
  2. Balance cash more often and without warning.
  3. Use the theft tracking tools in your software.
  4. Use an external resource to gather evidence. tower Systems helps with this on a pro-bono basis.
  5. Stock check popular items near the counter.

More a more extensive list speak with one of our help desk team and ask for our theft reduction advice.


How to use POS software to cut employee & customer theft

One of the most valuable benefits of Point of Sale (POS) software used by any retail business is a reduction in employee and customer theft.

Used properly, good POS software can significantly cut the cost of theft.

Theft reduction is achieved through consistent use of the software throughout the business. The less consistent a business the less likely they are to uncover theft. Those most likely to steal will notice how the software is used and through this reach a conclusion as to the likelihood they will be caught.

Tracking stock from when it enters a business to when it leaves is the key to detecting and reducing theft by employees and customers. Too often, small and independent retailers do not fully track and manage stock – making them appealing businesses for people likely to steal.

Here are the steps involved in tracking stock and reducing the cost of theft:

  1. Enter all incoming stock into your POS software. Include the quantity received to ensure that the current quantity on hand is accurate.
  2. Write off stock that is thrown away.
  3. Scan-out all stock that is returned to the supplier for any reason. Good software will have
  4. Sell items by scanning the barcode. Too often items are sold using department keys and therefore not tracking each specific item sold.
  5. Reorder stock by producing a reorder report using your software. This can usually be done by using a desired quantity on hand as the guide for the software to reorder to. Note: this process alone will highlight stock on-hand discrepancies.
  6. Undertake a spot stock-take: count the quantity on hand of an item and enter that into your POS software and compare this against what the software thinks should be on-hand. A discrepancy can indicate theft.

Once all stock is setup in your software, the time taken for spot stock-takes is minimal. This time is funded from the reduced theft that will certainly result.

Employees who see you track stock movement through spot stock-takes and other activities listed here will be deterred from stealing from the business as they will see the risk of being caught is higher.

Manage your business professionally and consistently and theft will cost less.


Improved security against retail employee theft in Point of Sale software

Tower Systems has released an update to its Point of Sale software that enhances security against employee theft. The new facility extends the reach of what the software tracks in terms of employee behaviour, strengthening the tracking ability of the business over possible employee theft.

We are not publishing details of the enhancements here as we do not want to warn retail employees about the additional data we are capturing.

The enhanced retail employee theft tracking is part of the latest update to the Tower POS software, an update released last month and provided for free to retailers who are part of the Tower AdvantageTM program.

This latest security enhancement is one of a site of enhancements to our software pitched to us by our cust9omers through our exclusive Software Ideas facility whereby our customers can detail their ideas and others can vote on them.


Helping retailers cut employee and customer theft

Tower Systems is delivering practical advice and help to retailers keen to cut employee theft and customer theft in their retail businesses with a free online training workshop this Thursday.  Using our best-practice Point of Sale software we provide access to valuable tools, controls and monitors that actively reduce the cost of theft to a retail business.

This online training is part of a broader live training program we have for retailers using our software. Through this program we deliver not only training but also opportunities for retailers to network. This is invaluable when it comes to theft as retailers get to talk with each other about their situations and from this learn and, hopefully, exert better control over their own businesses.

Too often, retailers act to reduce theft after theft has been discovered. This has proven too late for some businesses. Our theft management tools are comprehensive, secure and ready for use right away without the need to spend any money. This is why it’s vital for retailers to seize the opportunity, to chase a reduction in the cost off theft in their businesses.


Free small business retail Theft Check service uncovers … theft in retail

Our Tower Systems theft check service has uncovered more employee theft. This time in a couple of retail businesses using our Point of Sale software. In each case, the theft detected is considerable. The evidence we have provided is police ready. This is important. We have police assistance and court expert witness experience and this helps us to better help our retail customers to deal with the scourge of retail employee theft.


How to cut Employee theft in retail this Christmas

While the vast majority of retail employees we have met are honest, there are some who steal from their employer. Christmas is a time of an increase in theft by retail employees.  Here is our advice for retail business owners for cutting the cost of theft by retail employees:

  1. Change the passwords that provide access to the most sensitive data right away and do not given them to anyone unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Change the roster, shake things up.
  3. Remove all handbags, phones and personal items from the counter.
  4. Get employees out of any non-uniform clothing with pockets.
  5. Implement random end of shift cash balancing several times in the day unannounced.
  6. Use employee cards for tracking sales by employees – these are better than a three code employee code.
  7. Stop employees ringing their own purchases up.

Treat your business as you would a large bundle of $100 notes. The more serious you are about managing your cash the more of it that will make its way to your bank account.


How retailers can cut customer theft this Christmas

Talk to any retailer and they will tell you that shopper theft is a serious problem year round and worse at Christmas. From stealing complete items off the shop floor to removing items or parts from packaging and taking what they want to defrauding you of cash at the register, it’s expensive to the business as well as disheartening.

Our work with retailers in a variety of retail channels has helped us develop some simple advice to help retailers cut customer theft. This advice is as relevant at Christmas as at any time of the year. Here is our advice:

  • Know what is being stolen. This is the most important step by a long shot. If you know, you can  take steps.  How do you know? Spot stock takes are the best approach as they quickly advise the difference between what you have in stock compared to theta your smart POS software tells you.  We have free training and advice sheets that help with this. A spot stock take can take a few minutes.  Once you know the problem, act by managing the stock involved differently.
  • Scan and track everything. This act alone shows to your employees, customers and yourself that you take inventory seriously.
  • Issue receipts for every sale. Never give a refund or exchange without the receipt.
  • Require that amount tendered is entered in your POS software. This reduces shopper fraud at the cash register.
  • Have your security software integrated with your POS software. This makes it easier to track events.
  • Inspect bags. This shows shoppers you are serious.
  • Test yourself. Hire a security expert and see what they can steal without being caught.

Cut the cost of shopper theft in your retail business with these tips and tight shop floor management.


Working with police to cut theft in retail using smart POS software

We have been working with police and other authorities on theft matters in two states this week. Each case has taken up considerable time as we have sourced evidence to be used in cases being pursued against the accused, evidence that will stand the test of cross examination in court.

Each time we do this work we learn more about the processes of the police and, through this, ways we can guide and help our retail business customers to better manage their businesses for theft minimisation.

Next week, a senior member of our team will be in court on behalf of the prosecution as an expert witness.

Why is this relevant to small businesses considering our Point of Sale software … we’ve got your back when it comes to cutting the cost of theft to your retail business.


Advice on how to cut customer and employee theft in retail

Retailers too often struggle with cutting the cost of employee and customer theft. They ignore opportunities to block theft and turn their backs on understanding the cost in their business.

Here is best practice advice which, if followed, will reduce the cost of theft in any retail business.

  1. Only sell what you arrive, bring into the store, through Point of Sale software. If you track it you can know if it has been stolen or not. If you do not track it who knows if it is stolen.
  2. Track ALL sales – by scanning, touch screen button or PLU (product look up code), a hot key on your computer screen.
  3. Stop all department sales, sales where the employee gets to enter the amount of the item.
  4. Scan out ALL returns, products which are returned to suppliers.
  5. Undertake regular spot stock take throughout the business. The discrepancy between what you have and what the system has reflects theft.
  6. Reorder stock using your retail management software. This stops poor buying decisions. It also identified stock theft and employee fraud around stock.
  7. Use employee initials, codes or bar codes against each sale. Yes, this adds time to each sale. The benefits far outweigh the time cost.
  8. Set an end of shift balance target of $5.00. Many retailers achieve this – it takes discipline.
  9. Change your system passwords regularly. Make it a condition of employment that these passwords are never shared.
  10. Do random, during the day, register balance checks. Check that the cash your computer system thinks should be in the cash drawer is what is actually in the cash drawer.
  11. Use your software to check and report on behavior which could indicate employee theft.
  12. Follow your suspicions regardless. Put your business ahead of friendships..

The cost to any retail business of customer and employee theft can be significantly reduced. The keys are retail owner and management engagement, full use of the software and relentless application of a zero tolerance approach.


The considerable cost of helping retailers achieve justice

Specialists in Tower Systems have been called as experts in cases of employee theft. Sometimes these cases have been heard in courts which take almost a day of travel to get to.

By the time we get through the deposition, committal hearing and trial processes we can be out many days of time in the pursuit of justice around alleged criminal behaviour.

The disruption to our business of this activity is considerable yet we accept it as part of our role as experts in the area of employee theft.

We get drawn into this work around tracking, catching and prosecuting in relation to suspected employee theft.  We have structured process to our investigative work and this is why police and prosecutors like to work with us.

Thanks to strong theft tracking and management tools in our retail management software, retailers are able to exert more control over this considerable business risk. We offer training, documentation and support to help mitigate the theft risk.

Despite our work and warnings, we are frustrated the more retailers do not make use of the tools and services at their fingertips. If they did this we could see ourselves spending less time assisting police and prosecutors. Catching theft activity early is a win for all involved.


Beware employee theft in retail

Retailers need to be vigilant about the risk of employee theft. Poor management creates the opportunity for theft. Good management will prevent theft and save time having to resolve a problem after the event. We mention this today because of a noticeable rise in reports of employee theft in retail. Using our Point of Sale software employers can reduce employee theft.


POS software cuts theft in a retail shop by $150 a week

Tower Systems has just helped another retailer cut employee theft by using its Point of Sale software to uncover the crime and provide irrefutable evidence. In this instance, the employee was skimming to an apparent budget and doing it in a way which they thought would be undetected by the Point of Sale software. The theft was exposed by using secret and secure facilities in our POS software, the employee confronted and sacked on the spot.

The retail business is now $150 a week better off thanks to the assistance of Tower Systems and our Point of Sale software. The business manager is certain that the theft would not have been discovered had our software not been installed.

Having irrefutable evidence is vital to an employer being able to act against an employee in a theft situation. Thanks to years of work in the area of theft tracking and reduction, we are abel to help retailers gather evidence and take steps to protect their position.

That’s what we did in this situation. One employee who was stealing $150 a week is now out of work and the business is saving money every day. Indeed, the retail business is saving more every day than the Point of Sale system costs.

With theft in retail costing as much as 3% of turnover, most retail businesses can expect to save more each day than the system actually costs.

Tower Systems offers specialist assistance when it comes to theft tracking, theft management and theft reduction. we follow a structured and proven process which delivers valuable outcomes, as the above story shows.

Retailers who want to cut employee theft and customer theft should speak with Tower Systems today.