It’s easy to get pulled away from your core focus (looking over your shoulder) by technology shifts and how these might affect your company and or your clients.

The best competition point independent retailers have against new technology (online) solutions is customer service. Online provide access to information but not products and especially products which benefit from good knowledge in the sell process.

When I started this blog I was writing about our Oasis strategy – a strategy central to what we do here and central to what we are seeking to build into our software every day. Here’s a reminder of the Oasis strategy and how we view it:

An oasis, real or imagined, is a feeling, a state of mind or an experience.

It could be a smile, help, a deal, a glance, a kind word.

An oasis is where magic happens. The person there is nourished by it, encouraged and compelled to tell others.

It’s something remembered. So remembered that they think about it before they are in contact with you again and remember it long after they have had contact.

In a customer’s mind, it’s what you do which is special.

It’s exceptional service. Unexpected service. And it’s our biggest point of difference.

The oasis strategy is another name for exceptional customer service. Calling it that makes it easier for us to imagine what it is, what it feels like and the power it can have for our customers, for ourselves and for our business.

This is a home grown philosophy we have created to give a name to what’s important to us.

This Oasis strategy and our delivery of the experience is key to our future.