Read this blog entry Lessons Learning from Improv and you’ll read about innovative business training. It’s brilliant in fact. The lessons John Moore blogs about what he’s learned from taking Improv. comedy classes. The applications for business are excellent. Take this gem:

Failure is an Option
In business we’ve been conditioned to believe failure is bad and most be avoided at all costs. Improv believes in the opposite. In Improv, I’m learning failure is good because it means you are challenging yourself to take chances in pursuit of living in the moment. Failure happens. Mistakes happen. Learn from failures. Learn from mistakes. If we don’t take chances and fail, how else will we ever feel the pleasure of learning?

Some of us in our software company took singing lessons 4 or 5 years ago and learned similar lessons to those John blogs about. Stepping outside the business box and taking risks can set you free back in the business world. Singing in front of co-workers, when public singing is your biggest fear, proved to be invaluable.

I’d add to John’s lessons: Respect. Singing with co-workers from different positions within the company put everyone on a level playieng field. That helped build mutual respect.