If you don’t know by now I’m over the one size fits all mentality of so many businesses. I like that I can walk down to local shops which do not have a recognisable national or international logo above their door and choose some products or access some services which are unique to that business. I like that one day service is not as good as the other. Such is life. I like that it’s local. It is unnatural to get the same experience every time or have access to the same product range in every store of the same product category.

Starbucks is in my sights at present because they are continuing their push in Australia when we don’t need them here. We are exceptionally well served with coffee houses, especially in Melbourne. We don’t need this US company coming in with mediocre over priced product.

I was comforted, therefore, in reading this story at MSNBC from 2004 about Java Junction a local drive through coffee shop successfully competing in the very crowded Washington State coffee marketplace.