It’s sad to read the story, Supermarket sale set to spark chain reaction, in The Age today about the fall out of the carve up of the Foodland group.

Yeah the big boys need to get bigger (it’s a size thing) until they are burdened with poor synergy between parts of the business and until their shareholder base is such that they become a target for a predator who can make more money by selling off bits.

When a small independent retailer who closes, consumers lose local service, local people lose jobs and the community lose choice. Big retailers are not known for offering the same variety to consumers independents offer.

Most important, though, is that big businesses do little to enhance the community compared to small business. Independent retailers support our culture, without them Australia becomes just another state.

Newspapers like The Age have to report these events and this is a good report. I’d like to see them do a social analysis piece, projecting life in Australia with national stores only. I am sure we have experts who could discuss the implications for Australia to lose the businesses, chemists, newsagents, butchers, bakers – those independent retailers across our land who every time they serve someone share a bit of what it is to be Australian.