Ah, the power of the blog.

The respected journalist Jeff Jarvis yesterday, in a post headed Dell lies. Dell sucks, shares his tail of woe following the delivery of a new Dell laptop and subsequent problems with its operation. His post is best summed up by this quote:

But what really irks me is that they say if they sent someone to my home — which I paid for — he wouldn’t have the parts, so I might as well just send the machine in and lose it for 7-10 days — plus the time going through this crap.

Within less than 48 hours of the post, 85 comments have been made, many continue the negative theme. Some posts by Mac lovers and others by Mac haters. As you would expect. One post by a Dell employee valiantly trying to support the company.

Based on the known facts, Dell have demonstrated through their treatment of Jarvis that their claims re customer service could use some work. They should have jumped on this problem immediately and eliminated the opportunity for a problem – regardless of who the client is.

In the blogoshpere word of keystroke is stronger and faster and more wide reaching than word of mouth.