We’ve had SMS (text) messaging facilities within our software for a couple of years now. It’s used by our users to remind customers of appointments; the arrival in store of special orders; employees of their roster for the coming week; and, the owner of end of shift cash balancing accuracy and sales turnover by department. Practical stuff.

Now I don’t know if I am alone in this but this week I have received four marketing messages on my mobile phone, each from a different business. In one case it was from business I shop with while the rest were from businesses I have never shopped with.

These messages are unwanted and an intrusion. They clog the inbox. One message, from the business I knew, offered an opt-out facility – which I assume I have to pay for, while the others did not.

This advertising noise will put me off these companies.

At least the messaging facilities integrated in our software have a practical use and are only used if the recipient requests such contact.