In this post a while back I listed 10 reasons why independent retailers matter. I was reminded of this yesterday when working on a business plan for a start up we are developing. It is one thing to look from the outside and say this is why a particular channel or a business exists, it is entirely another for the founder of the business to have such views. If the owner does not have a view as to why the business exists and why the community needs such a business then surely it will drift and ultimately close. Just existing as a business gives you no rights at all. You’ve got to deliver genuine social as well as economic value.

I got drawn into a deep canyon of thought about this while considering the business plan for this start up. I want to ensure that we have a solid and purposeful foundation for existing and that these ‘principles’ are part of our day to day operation.

Back to my earlier post on independent retailers. If they don’t understand and believe in why they matter then their future will be limited. It’s one thing to berate consumers into buying local and another entirely to have independent and local retailers to operate their businesses delivering and delivering on their value to the community.