I think that’s how the saying goes, once burned twice shy. A significant chunk of our business this year has come from small businesses switching from other computer systems to us and while we’re thrilled to win these customers, there are challenges involved. The most complex challenge is how they feel about computer companies in general after a bad experience elsewhere. If you do not navigate it well they shift some of their feelings for their old computer supplier to your company even before they have put the new system in. This can be frustrating when it happens which is, thankfully, not all the time. Now that we are aware that some customers can have this syndrome – caused by consistent bad service/experiences – we anticipate and help eliminate it before we start. This approach is working well and we get a good clean slate to deal with.

There are some poor quality IT companies out there serving small businesses and they are damaging the reputations of rest of us through their dealings.

It’s hard to let go of impressions burned through pain so we try for a completely different experience from the outset so comparisons are hard.