The weekend newspapers delivered another profile of Prime Minister in waiting, Peter Costello. In a soft interview Costello gets us no closer to what he thinks. Sure there is talk about the abortion pill and gay marriage – topics which appeal to his constituency. But what of other issues, issues which the media does not cover – like small business policy. What does Mr Costello think about small business, and its role in Australia today? On small business Mr Costello could carve out a significant point of difference and move the government from spinning on small business to actually doing something. This also helps employees, suppliers and the government – I’d suggest that small business pays a higher proportion of tax per $1 sale than big business. I could be wrong – it would be worth investigating.

Each day our shopping malls and streets become less individual and more clones. This puts people out of work, stifles creativity and kills off Australian culture.

Mr Costello should get the government active and: determine the real economic, social and environmental impact of big businesses like Coles and Woolworths compared to small business; find out what Australians want (independent or clone) and talk to local government about ways they can stop big business ruining the fabric of local communities.

I’d also suggest an overhaul of government tax breaks and grants for big business compared to small business. There is no sense in providing government incentives to businesses which don’t benefit the community.