We have been working with suppliers to provide clean invoices and stock flies to our clients for most of our 25 years in business. While most suppliers are a dream to work with, we have some recalcitrants who continue to send their small business customers poorly structured and even wrong data. This poor quality data costs our clients and us money to resolve and there seems to be little will among the suppliers to correct the problems. The challenge we face is whether we become the gatekeeper – the barrier to these non-compliant suppliers delivering bad data to their clients. This is an invidious position and one we would not accept gladly. The worst supplier is one owned, in part, by the small businesses it supplies – you’d think they would know better. Maybe it is time for small business to be tough like big business on EDI data – if it is not clean the products do not go on the shelves and the bills are not paid until the data is corrected.