We spend a fair bit of time helping independent retailers gather evidence on employee theft problems. Too often the alarm is raised too late, when the losses are already close to six figures. The only reason employees get away with theft is lazy management. It’s a choice the owner has made to be lazy. And then when the theft is discovered and the bank and other creditors knocking at the door demanding action, the owner is busy pointing fingers. The most common way employees steal is by not ringing up items customers pay for or by canceling a sale prior to its completion. The customers are none the wiser and the cash balances at the end of the day. Once theft is discovered the business owners complain that they don’t have time to watch the security monitor the whole time etc etc.

We’ve created a way around the problem. We have deeply linked our software with a security system such that it respects time poor business owners. It tracks the likely theft events and provides a highlights package from the day – so the owner only need see the footage from the counter which many be an issue. Taking care of counter operations in this way leaves the owner and or manager with more time for monitoring the body of the shop.

In creating the link we talked with police, lawyers and security experts to ensure that the evidence we gather is useful in pursuing a conviction.

The retailers association tells us that theft is costing between 3% and 5% of turnover. If we can cut that by even 10% then the solution we have created pays for itself.