We’ve been in business 25 years now and what began back in 1981 as an idea on a kitchen table has developed into a solid national business service Australia’s 4,600 newsagents. Our software has been re-written from scratch five times. We started with a newspaper home delivery package and quickly moved into the point of sale (POS) space. Today we serve in excess of 1,300 newsagent users. In addition to our core newsagency software we also have magazine sorting software (for the Network Services Delivery program – NSDP) and school booklist magazine software. Both of these have been made available to the industry at no cost. While the business of newsagents has changed and ill continue to change, our business is strong as is theirs. Newsagents are evolving. We know because we own a newsagency ourselves and we have a considerable shareholding in a newsagency franchise group – newsXpress.

We’re about to launch several new products through our software for newsagents. These include a betting recharge product which will take newsagents into a service area new to them. By adding value to the POS without any capital outlay, we able to boost the return newsagents achieve from an investment in or technology. This extends our reach and enhances their business.

By getting involved in newsagency businesses in this way we’re strengthening our connect. Being exclusive with these products further boosts our sales.

So, while many aspects of the newsagent marketplace are challenged, entrepreneurial newsagents and suppliers are working hard to build a strong future.

While we enjoy working with jewellers, bike retailers and hair salons – and invest in software development for their businesses – it’s our newsagent connection which sits at the core of Tower Systems.