I’ve been looking at how other POS companies use their real-estate, especially in the supermarket and convenience store space. More an more they are populating the POS screen and customer display with advertising. While there may be advertising dollars in this I wonder what it does for the experience of the employee. How do they feel about having to navigate around the se advertisements? Do the advertisements get in the way of using the software? Are they distracting?

Surely we have enough ads cluttering the world today. I would have thought that better training and better resourcing to provide for an improved customer experience at the check out counter would help up-selling customers. Or, smarter developments in the software to produce context sensitive coupons which lure the customer back in a defined time to get some deal based on what they just bought. Our software offers this and I reckon it’s the smart way to market at the checkout – except that the marketing is done at home when people check their dockets.

At the checkout counter I want efficient and friendly service without noise. The ads on some POS screens and customer displays are unwanted noise and they distract from accurate sales processing.