If you believe representatives from Planet Ark and other organisations you would think that big business does more to care for the environment than small business. On the use of plastic bags especially. I heard an interview recently where the Planet Ark person said they he wished he could get small business engaged on the use of plastic bags. This frustrates me because I know that in my own retail shop and many small businesses I visit that I am asked about paper or plastic whereas at my local Coles and Safeway I’m not asked – they push plastic automatically. Indeed, I have to tell them I don’t want a bag for the two or three items they want to put into plastic for me.

It seems to me that Planet Ark and others could make themselves better informed on small business and acknowledge the efforts of many to reduce the use of plastic. Their support for Australia Post, Harvey Norman and other national retailers is offensive. The cynic in me suggests that the majors are only involved because there are sales in it for them.

Small business retailers are getting a raw deal on environmental matters.