Our head office is on the second top floor of a building covered in mobile phone towers. Following the RMIT news of the weekend about seven in their workplace being diagnosed with brain tumors, we sought answers from the owner of the roof about the risk to our employees and others who occupy the building. The owner pointed to advice from a consultant in 1997. I’m still navigating the issue with them to try and get more up to date advice and testing. In the meantime I have arranged for our workplace to be professionally tested tomorrow.

Also following the RMIT news story I contacted the Victorian State Government authority responsible for the workplace. Today, three days in, I am yet to get a response. This is despite three contacts initiated by me.

For what is a serious workplace health and safety issue both responses are unacceptable. There is enough information in the public domain about the RMIT story to suggest that employers in buildings with mobile phone towers need to take reasonable steps to have the work environment tested. At the very least this demonstrates good faith to employees.

It is the arrogance of the owner of the roof which concerns me the most. As soon as the RMIT story broke they ought to have commissioned up to date tests on all levels as well as seeking written undertakings from Telstra, Optus and others with mobile phone towers on the building.