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The Victorian Land Tax scam

I received a state Land Tax bill claiming I owe tax on a property I have no interest in. I contacted the State revenue office and their response was pay the bill and we’ll sort it out later. I refused. They said there would be penalties. I still refused to pay. Two weeks later I received a letter advising that they had made an error. May would have paid and waited for their investigation. It’s nuts that State Revenue acts in this way.

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  1. Have had the same thing except they valued our land to over $800K recently had it valued at $320K
    Same thing pay it then sort it out later to where you find if you look at the fine print you cant get a refund after a certain amount of time. As a double whammy if you have made an appeal before you are no longer allowed to make another…….
    We are paying way too much…. this isnt the end of it we have been trying to buid our primary residence on this for 5 years of red tape of which we will be lucky if we get any back we moved in with my mother for 2 long years and have ended up renting. So the government stops us from building on our own land and then rapes us again for owning something we are having trouble building on.

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