In our business software updates are like living with days of full moons in a row. Every small challenge a user encounters after they have installed a software update has been caused by the update in their eyes. Many jump at shadows for days and weeks after installing an update. Help desk call traffic is up between 30% and 50% and more than half all calls are a pursuit for comfort that all is okay. The update we have just sent is huge. It is our first for five months and delivers significant enhancements including more real-time POS terminal direct supplier links. So the back end complexity has increased considerably. And so far, more than a week in, only two small issues and they have been fixed already. Our support team are already calling it one of the best (from their perspective) updates ever. The quality of the update notwithstanding, we still get plenty of calls from people worried that their world has changed colour because of the update.

We provide updates without cost to our clients who take out annual support coverage. The support contract includes 24/7 help desk access.