The search for another person to join our Sydney office in an IT training and support role is over. The position has been accepted and our latest employee starts in a few weeks. This has been a very tough position to fill in part because we have been very specific in what we have looked for and in part because of the flood of wannabee candidates being pumped out of our universities. We ended uop interviewing 15 candidates and it was only on the last day when we found our person, or they found us.

Of the 100+ candidates who applied, more than half did not read the ad and did not follow application guidelines and were discarded. We asked for a personal cover letter more than a slick resume. More than half provided the résumé only. There was no sense that they had researched my company and what we were interested in. Their inability to follow a simple request i the ad meant we had to knock them out. Most of these candidates were recent IT graduates who have spent three years getting a degree in basic IT skills and looking for a company to teach them what they really need to know.

I appreciate that sounds harsh. The reality is that only a few IT degrees in this country prepare people for practical IT work right away.

Anyway, the search is over for now and we’re looking forward to having additional resources – we need then in NSW as sales are very strong. We’ll repeat this process next month with another candidate search in our next growth hot spot.