We use email for customer newsletters and other important communication. It’s cost effective, efficient and green. While we occasionally send a snail mail newsletter, this is rare. This week one client complained that he was not aware he had to do a certain thing because he had not received an email. He uses email for personal matters but not business. Business communication should be in writing he said. I was taken aback. He demanded that we post him copies of all emails we send. When I reminded him that we had not increased our support fees in four years and that to do this we would need to revisit this he was not happy.

One way we have been able to maintain our software support fees at 2002 cost to our clients is by use of email and our website as a key means of communication. By establishing these operational rules we have been able to maintain good service levels without increasing our operational costs.

When he asked in the customer is always right I said than in this instance no – especially if the customer enjoys not being hit with annual cost increases.