We are finding that we take on considerable baggage when we replace a generic (non industry specific) POS system with ours in the newsagency, bike retailer, hair salon or jeweller market. We specialise in these four markets and know that a generic system is unlikely to suit long term yet local computer shops (especially) grab any sale they can without understanding industry specific needs. A year or two down the track, after losing too much time trying to bend the software to industry specific needs, the small business gives up. The challenge for us is to get them to believe that as a specialist software company in their market we understand their needs, that they can trust us. Often they think that all software companies are as bad as their last experience. Had they come to us or one our expert competitors first it is less likely there would be baggage. Instead, we are effectively on trial as they expect our software to fail just as the generic POS package did. While it will never happen, I wish that those selling generic POS software could be made to pay for their bad advice.