Okay, not those Indians…

No sooner had I blogged about a new software support role in our Brisbane office and two Indian companies made contact suggesting I move the positions offshore. Besides that I would not do a Qantas and shift Australian jobs offshore, their pitch was completely impractical given that this is a field position. Not happy with that response, one of the Indian companies suggested I consider closing down my software development team here and contracting the work to them for a quarter of what it costs today. It was a hard sell – telling me that my company will fall behind unless I move development to India and cut development costs.

When I received the usual telemarketing call from Mumbai or some other Indian city Friday night at home I at first thought one of the companies had tracked me to my home for another crack.

It is unacceptable to me that companies like Qantas, banks and insurance companies move jobs offshore. No share price boost is worth the social and economic damage in our country. We ought to be more parochial.