I blogged here a few weeks ago about our concerns over the mobile phone towers on our building following the news about the health problems of some employees of RMIT where phone towers are located. We have received a 10 page report prepared by EMC Technologies based on their measurements at our office last month. Radiation measured at 750 times below the recommendations specified in the ARPANSA standard for occupational exposure. We have been told that this standard has a fifty-fold safety margin. Magnetic field levels were recorded at 312 times below the limits specified by NHMRC for Occupational exposure.

It interests me that the RMIT story disappeared as fast as it exploded on TV and in newspapers. We reacted by paying to have our workplace checked out. I expect many other businesses would have reacted the same way. But what of the RMIT employees and the building itself? There’s not been much published since. While we know more because of the experts we brought in, I would like to see follow up stories on the RMIT folks and the mobile phone tower situation more specifically. There is a risk, no doubt about that. But from what I understand, it’s not so much the people underneath but those on the other side of the street.