We are pressuring greeting card companies to get serious in helping their retail partners to manage the category. Currently there is no common categorisation of greeting cards – making management at the retail store very challenging. Here’s what we published this week in our supplier newsletter:

A call for greeting card category standards
While magazine publishers and distributors long ago reached agreement on category standards, greeting card companies continue to fail newsagents. The lack of standards makes store level reporting, within the greeting card category, challenging. In our software newsagents have exceptional reporting tools – return on floor space, return on shelf space, supplier comparisons, ROI – there are many angles from which newsagents can analyse data gathered by the system. It is impossible for newsagents to determine the best card supplier in their store. This denies them the opportunity to be business like.

Some newsagents are so frustrated by this experience that they are planning to place barcode stickers on cards before they are placed on the shelf.

Card manufacturers must act urgently and together to sort this out. Every month the current situation continues is another month newsagents are not able to have the best possible information available to build their business.
The IT standards necessary to manage this already exist.

We take our role in representing the needs of our customers to their suppliers seriously. If we can get suppliers on the same page on this topic the time saving for our customers could be considerable.