Please don’t ask for credit as refusal often offends.

I should have put one of those signs on the wall. Instead I believed a sad story more than a year ago and today have lost almost $10,000 as a result. Okay, I’m gullible. I’ll always help a client who asks. Discounts on support fees, canceling support fees or giving them time to pay if they are in what sounds like a real bind.

More than a year ago the story was sad. I believed it and allowed time to pay for a major upgrade. The warning signs were there. Slow and then no payments. I allowed more time. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

we need to remind ourselves that this is business and people will take you for a ride. So, rather than our business being offended with a bad debt, we’ll refuse and let people fix their problems elsewhere. It’s only fair.

I can afford the $10,000 but not the pain caused by being let down.