Is this a good deal or not? Access Pos, one of our competitors in the newsagent space, faxed newsagents yesterday with an offer which included the claim “MANY OF THESE PRICES ARE LESS THAN ONE THIRD OF OUR COMPETITORS.” It’s the same fax they sent early in October. Back then I emailed their Managing Director and advised (again) that the claim is untrue. Sure the hardware is cheap. However, you must buy their software. Once you do this and add some training and support, their price is higher than our price when compared to our most popular two package deals. They know this. I reminded them last month. Yet they again send out what is in my view, at best, a misleading statement. I have lodged a complaint with the ACCC.

Newsagents looking for a computer system ought to shop around and compare apples with apples. Choose the best system based on what it does for you. If you’re not sure, get two or three systems on the table next to each other and compare function by function. Check out the business reports and that they are designed to help you buiold a stronger business. Take your time. Then, compare price and not just price today but the price over, say, five years including support. Then, check out what free support services are available including user meetings, documentation and business help. Finally, get at least ten references and call every one of them. The more work you put into your decision the better the decision will be.