I can’t reproduce the receipt here because it’s offensive. Suffice to say that the employee tinkering with the facility in our software which allows the inclusion of a footer message on receipts now regrets his tinkering. Seeking sexual favors and listing your mobile phone number on a receipt is inappropriate behavior. The question I have is why would you do this? Why go into the software and include offensive text and your mobile phone number on all receipts? Did you think you’d not be caught? Did you want to really offend the customers? It just doesn’t make sense.

Most retailers are pretty open with their systems – allowing employees to get into most parts so that the business can function without too many roadblocks. This experience makes us question that. It happened in our retail business recently. It’s a first yet makes us want to build high fences around some parts of the software. Stopping employees changing receipt messages is easy. We just never thought we would have to do that. Now that the horse has bolted so to speak it is less likely that we would have to do this.

All in all a frustrating experience.