We have been playing in the employee roster space for just over a year now. The latest version of our software is helping small business more effectively manage the cost of labour across the week. The scratchy image above does not adequately show the detail. Rosters can be created visually or by entering data into a table. The drag and drop facilities make it easy to go through what-if situations with the goal of helping business owners fine tune the balance to keep employee costs down. With labour costing between 10% and 13% in many independent retailers, getting the balance right is imperative.

We help address meal breaks, total house per week and other time consuming aspects of roster management. Once the roster is done it can be emailed or sent via SMS text message – our experience in our own retail businesses is that employees like this service.

By managing the roster centrally we are able to better answer questions and research situations like, for example, employee fraud. The roster provides a trail which is better than you;d see in manually operated small businesses.