I received an email from a client yesterday saying that our support was lousy, they had been trying all day (Saturday) and could not reach anyone. So, I called them. They had been calling our office number. They said they did not know we had after hours numbers, that they had not received our monthly newsletters, that they did not receive our weekly emails, that they did not receive a welcome pack when they installed our system eighteen months ago and that they did not know we had a website with support number details.

Improbable as it seems we’ve decided to contact every client who has not called for support in the last six months and check that they have our support numbers. I know some will deny receiving such a call months down the track but, in the light of the call yesterday, I’d rather be safe. Only about 20% of our users have not been in contact over the last six months. While that’s not unusual, it does mean several hundred phone calls to make sure they know we’re here and how they can contact us.

While it’s possible the client who called has misplaced newsletters and other contact details, it is also possible the mail has gone missing. These calls will hopefully catch any similar situations in the future.