Make it difficult. That’s the absolute key. Make it difficult to steal from you. Have robust processes with double checks and balances. Use cameras. Let employees know that everything is tracked. Setup traps. And, trust no one.

It’s on my mind today because I have just got off the phone with another client who has been hit for close to $20,000. In their case they were lax with cash. Their computer system was out up to $150 each night and they put it down to technology -n because the employee involved said so. They also happened to be the most technically literate person in the business. The owner was scared of technology, refused to fully learn and relied on this person to run the system – as steal from them.

Every call like his amazes me. It’ easy for someone to steal from you if they have control of the cash in your business. The person controlling the point of sale system and its data controls your cash.