The year is just over two weeks old and already the phone is ringing hot with leads for our Gift Shop software. It’s surprising because IT is far from the mind of other small business owners. It seems January is housekeeping month in Gift Shops, when they get things ready for the year ahead. Hence calls to us.

Our Gift Shop software is designed to help independent gift shops compete with the major department stores and magazine stock. We report on age of stock, return on investment, return on floor space, return by supplier as well as deep analysis of shopping baskets to measure efficiency by category and product. While it all sounds like truckloads of reports, the reality in that our reporting is outcome focused. If you’re about to buy then our reporting focuses on that. If you are about to review an account with a supplier then we focus on your trading with them. This way, the small business operator can deal with facts and not fiction when it comes to buying and negotiating deals.

One good source of leads for us has been the Australian Gift Guide Magazine.