Woolworths has announced that the entire day’s profits from their Woolworths and Safeway stores from January 23 will be given to Australian farming families in need. You can read the Woolworths announcement here. I would like Woolworths to announce exactly what constitutes profit. Such transparency is crucial. I would also like them to explain why they are not including profit from the Beer Wine and Spirits, Dan Murphy, Dick Smith and other stores.

While the Woolworths gesture is better than them not doing anything, I would prefer to see them make a long term commitment to more equitable dealings with farmers as well as a commitment to Australian produce and products over imported produce and products. I would also like to see them make a commitment to small business. Only last year Woolworths set up shop in Maleny to much criticism from those concerned for small businesses.

Woolworths and Coles dominate retail in this country. As a result of the power of their supermarkets they dominate farming and food processing. This is where Woolworths can help Australian farmers the most – more than contributing the profit from one day.

We need to ask questions of Woolworths in an effort to get behind the PR spin. We need to challenge them to do more than stage a stunt and make a real and lasting difference to our farmers and the wider community.