What software company in their right mind lays a land mine in their software which trips if you do not pay for software support? My company does not but it experiences the consequences of this action by others from time to time. One consequence is sales and that’s good. The other consequence is frustration at all POS software companies by impacted. Fair enough too – first time computer users who get burnt are likely to tare others with the same brush.

When people tell us about POS software which stops or behaves unusually following a decision to not take up software support we advise them to take the matter to the appropriate State Government department. Unless they do this the software company involved will continue to leave the land mine in the software and get away with intimidating users into paying for software support.

My view on software support for small business that it ought to be voluntary and that if it is not taken up, the software continues to operate. This con of a time bomb which stock software or hampers the user enjoyment is offensive to the profession.