Smart newsagents are using technology to increase profit from their magazine department. They are culling titles and holding suppliers to account without having to watch every title which comes into their business


Our recent magazine cash-flow research proved that over 60% of all magazine titles are cash-flow negative for newsagents. Our software identifies these for you and provides exclusive tools to build cash-flow from magazines. Using our Tower software you can also easily report on magazine sell-through rates, theft and business value (through basket analysis) by distributor, MPA category and title.

Even better, the Tower newsagent software produces title cut and supply reduction requests ready for you to fax or mail to the distributor. These requests provide evidence essential to the distributor acting on your request. Plus, we alert you if the distributor does not comply with your request.

This is the type of market specific software development we excel at.

Many newsagents have found it is cheaper to make the switch to Tower than pay higher support fees for the system they have.