Computers slow down over time for a variety of reasons: software outgrows hardware, databases grow, sometimes exponentially, in size, additional software is added, viruses, basic housekeeping is ignored. It’s not the end of the earth. Most software companies have advice available to help users tidy systems so that performance improves. We do. Our advice sheet #1 covers this topic well.

Advice sheet #1 is publicly available from our website for anyone to access. And access it they have. One competitor especially. They have accessed this advice sheet and sent it to sales prospects claiming it as proof that our system is slow.

Our software is not slow. Indeed, we’re happy to submit it to any performance and functionality test to prove its usefulness and speed.

Our system slow advice is useful for anyone using their hardware for a variety of purposes and over time. It will help systems have a longer life and improve the enjoyment gained from the system. While we could hide this and other advice sheets so the competitor could not access them, we prefer to be transparent – demonstrating we have nothing to hide.