Filling a new system installation and training role in Queensland has been a challenge, more so than other new roles we have filled recently. We had some good candidates but for various reasons we could not seem to in the right mix of good skills, good communication and ‘can do’. Tech skills are easy to fill. It’s the communication and attitude which are hard to find. Especially for small business where each new hire is important to the culture of the company – once you get over 100 people businesses don’t feel new hires as much.

Just as we thought we’d be advertising for the third time in Queensland, we found our person, a Victoria who moved to Brisbane a few weeks ago. Don’t tell the Queenslanders because some still consider Victorians Mexicans.

Kerwin is a ball of energy and starts with us Monday. Like all new hires he is spending the week at our retail newsagency, learning the software from the sales counter out. Then it’s off to Sydney for training with our most skilled installation and training person. Then, once Kerwin and ourn people are happy, he’s going to be let loose in Queensland as part of our ambassador team.

The Tower Advantage TM is about our customer focused culture first and foremost and this is why we take such care in finding new team members.