Often in the sales process the total cost of ownership of a computer system is overlooked. This can mean that the purchaser is locked into a cheaper purchase and a more expensive support regime – especially with the systems which demand an annual fee just to keep running. (Ours does not.) Our annual support fees have not changed in four and a half years. Support includes:

• Help Desk access. 24 hours a day. No long wait times. Professional. Friendly.
• Regular software updates. Including exclusive products for you to sell.
• Regular user meetings and group training in cities and rural areas.
• A free day of training at the time of a change of ownership.
• Advice sheets – better than a manual. Updated regularly. Online and printed.
• Theft Check service. Free. We help you cut the cost of theft.
• Backup Check service. Free. We help operate safely.

Sometimes we get it wrong and so support is backed up by an escalation process which provides for the issue to be dealt with by management and even senior management. By bundling all this into a fixed price agreement our users have certainty over the cost of ownership year on year. It also preserves the sell price of the software should they sell their business. Supported software is usually sold for replacement value – unlike what happens with the usual office software products.

I am compelled to publish this because of a competitor I am told is saying that we charge extra for everything – updates, calls, training, theft check etc. So, I am blogging to put the record straight – knowing that many of our prospects check us out here.

Tower System is an open book and our software services highly regarded.