We are in the middle of a massive direct mail marketing campaign for two of our businesses involving the assembling and mailing of 20,000 items. To help us do this work our Marketing Manager, Andrew Halpern, gathered together three of his cousins and the son of a client. Over two nights this group worked feverishly in our boardroom on the project.


From the outside it looked like child labour, a sweat shop you’d read of in a newspaper. Inside the room I saw some of the most efficient collating and packaging I have ever seen. I also saw four young guys getting on well with each other in a way which would put many adults to shame. They were social yet focused on their work.

While the amount of work they got done was impressive, it was their interest in each other which really caught my attention. These young guys would not usually have come in contact with each other and could easily have spent their time working in silence. Instead, they found out things about each other’s lives which will stay with them for a long time. It will stay with me because they demonstrated social skills of which I am in awe.

I’d like to get this team together again if only to help them foster the friendship struck over two nights. I know that may seem odd. Sometimes it is social connections made in the workplace which provide an enduring positive influence.