spruiker.JPGThe chap in this photo is a spruiker working outside Priceline, diagonally opposite my shop. He has been hired by the centre to try and shore up customer traffic since Kmart closed three weeks ago. He moves from store to store promoting items he sees out the front.

What surprised me the other day was that here he was outside Priceline, next to a hair salon and he was promoting hair shampoo saying “why buy it from an expensive salon when you can get it from Priceline cheaper”.

Maybe I am being precious but I was annoyed. It is the marketing fees paid by all tenants which fund his fee. It is inappropriate for him to talk down a neighbour of Priceline. If Priceline hired him then okay but they did not.

What does it matter to readers of this blog? Not much probably and I accept that. I wanted to record this minor frustration if only to put it out there as something else businesses encounter when what looks like a good turn sours. If I was the owner of the hair salon I’d b angry. The reality is that they probably didn’t hear the comment.

Tower Systems sells software to hair salons. We understand some the challenges they face in winning customers and making money. They don’t need someone they are part funding talking down the shampoos and other products they sell.