pig.JPGJonathan Tay, a champion in our customer service team, took it upon himself to send messages to our Mandarin and Cantonese speaking clients whishing them a prosperous year of the pig. His message also offered traditional Chinese blessings. Jonathan’s initiative was well received by our customers, many sent New Year messages back to him.

I was touched by the initiative as it goes beyond what is expected on Jonathan in his role with the company. It demonstrates a personal care for our customers and their culture which I really appreciate. That he did this without being asked is an example of exceptional customer service.

The majority of our customers are newsagents. We were the first newsagent supplier to offer Mandarin and Cantonese language support – we did this in response to the influx of Asians buying newsagencies. Jonathan has been central to helping us navigate the cultural differences and ensure good customer service for these clients.