We are looking for a software developer to join our team and in addition to regular applicants I have received proposals from three companies located in India proposing we move the software development position to India. Their pitch is clear – Indian programmers cost less and achieve more.

From a pure business perspective the pitch is enough to pique interest. From a social and economic perspective the pitch is not interesting whatsoever.

Two of the companies have not taken no for an answer easily.

One even proposed a scheme whereby the successful candidate travel to Australia on a tourist visa to ‘settle in’ with the company and the work before taking the job to India. This was after I had said we were not interested in their unsolicited offer.

One company told me of other Australian businesses they already do business with. I didn’t go into detail but it seems that many software development jobs have been moved offshore. Maybe these companies should be outed as to the impact of their decisions on the economy.

I’m not sure what the solution is. Maybe a start could be identifying Australian software and being clear as to the percentage. For example, all of our development is done in Australia so we would proudly include a 100% Australian badge on our own products.