A friend told me on the weekend of their shopping experience at Big W at Waverley Gardens using the new self checkout facility. They bought a DVD and use the self checkout without much difficulty. When they got home and opened the DVD they found a security device which had to be removed. So, they went back and were told by the helpful Big W staff that it’s their fault and that as users of self checkout they are responsible. Fair enough I guess – except that the great self checkout system did not advise them that their purchased item had a security device hidden inside which would prevent them using their purchase.


These self checkout units may be great for Big W. To me they send a message that the business using them cares less for customers and more for profit. Why else would you put a whopping big machine between you an your customers. Okay, the more savvy people can get through faster. They could get through faster with better customer service but then that costs more.

As my friend discovered, these units provide Big W employees an opportunity to lash out with attitude when the customer does not think like a retailer and check everything when going through self checkout.

I found the image at flickr where it had been posted by jayjay04 a 20 year old Tasmanian guy.