A more recent part of our business is our theft management solution – digital cameras connected through a server based smart card and tightly interfaced with our POS software. It’s a high end solution for retailers wanting to more efficiently manage employee and customer theft. The key benefits of our solution are that we dramatically cut the time taken to track theft and we help quickly provide video evidence of situations tracked by our POS software. It’s an ideal application marriage.

We’re not too noisy at promoting our security camera system because, frankly, we’re pretty busy at present and these systems are labour intensive to install.

The break has given us an opportunity to reassess our pitch. This reassessment has meant we have looked at how others pitch their offerings. It’s a dirty marketplace. By that I mean just about every man and his dog offers a security camera system. The problem is, not all of these offerings are suitable and it is very easy to dazzle a prospect with jargon and pretty pictures. below I have put together a list what I’d suggest you avoid if you are looking for a system:

Tape based systems – they’re so yesterday’s technology.

Systems which do not provide easy searching of archive footage based on items purchased.

Systems not deeply integrated with your POS system.

Systems which require you to watch hours of footage looking for what you want.

Systems from companies less than five years old.

Systems from companies which do not provide reference sites.

Systems offering a package deal which seems too good to be true – it probably is.

People more expert than me will have their own list. The key is to research your purchase well. B sure to talk with people using the system.

The time you want the very best system is the time you are chasing evidence for an expensive crime. Scrimp today and solving the crime might cost more than you saved on a system.