Retail system installations are like setting up one of those dominos events – there are many pieces to line up so that the project is completes smoothly.

It starts with an order and ends (well, the first stage) with a smile and a handshake once the installation is completed. In the middle there is hardware to order, setup, test, pack up and ship; flights, rental cards and accommodation to book; finance arrangements to navigate; electricians to liase with; landlords to satisfy; insurance companies to satisfy; client employees to calm; training to prepare; pre installation questions to answer; other suppliers to co-ordinate; tension to manage; and, anything up to a week on site to complete the work.

A typical installation involves over a hundred tasks, anyone of which could delay the installation.

While most installations go off without a hitch – thanks to our exceptional installation planning team – some don’t. Those that don’t usually are caused by third parties such as local electricians, landlords, airlines and courier companies. We try and build in a buffer to our schedules to cover for such events but as busy as we are right now this is challenging.

I was thinking about this today because of flight delays this morning which I know will cause pain down the line with a couple of installations. Our team was on the first flight of the day and since it was late will have to put in extra effort to ensure that the client is satisfied. That this will be achieved is solely due to exceptional team members. These folk put the reputation of the company ahead of their personal needs many times. They soak up more grief caused by others than I get to hear about I am sure.

These front line people, those who interface the most personally with our customers, are the champions of Tower Systems. They make the dominos fall perfectly.