We are waist deep in configuring our Sage CRM software to manage our sales and support teams. To help us along the way we paid a fair chunk of money to a Sage reseller – the same company through which we purchased the software licencees – on their advice that this will provide access to vital support.

When we signed for Sage support, the supplier committed to a six hour response time. We find ourselves waiting between two and three days for a response, any response. Worse than that, they now tell us they cannot provide the level of support we have asked for.

It’s interesting being on the other side of the IT help desk experience. I know if we did not respond at all for two or three days to our clients I’d be personally getting angry calls all day. This CRM company is getting away with poor service because we have let them. Frankly, I did not know their service level was so appalling. Now I know, I’m chasing a refund of the support fees paid and looking for another company which understands what customer service is about.