Trade shows are an important part of the marketing plan for each of the markets in which we operate. We use them to build brand awareness and to demonstrate the evolution of our product and service offering.

It’s only in the bike space that our trade show experience has been less that satisfying and so we were not that downhearted when we heard that the annual bike industry trade show was canceled for this year. Then I came across the Spinopsys blog and got a different and worthwhile perspective. The bike industry in Australia seems to be split between the big suppliers and smaller fry like my software company. It could be that some of the small fry get together and create a road show of their own to stay connected with bike retailers. We’d be in that.

While the bike category is the smallest in our business, it is important with around 150 customers. The Bike trade show helped us stay connected with them even though it did not generate sales for us.