As I watched the two Tasmanian devils fight over food today at the Tasmanian Devil Park, I thought about the fights small business owners have, often daily. The fights with landlords, competitors, banks and others can be debilitating whereas these little marsupials fight aggressively one minute and curl up asleep with each other the next. While I am no expert, they don’t seem to harbor grudges. Small business owners often do.

I was thinking about this on my trip to the devil park today because of what I’ve heard a chap said about me and my business based on contact from twelve years ago. This chap took a cursory look at our software, asked for changes specific to his business, I said they were not appropriate to others in the market and quoted accordingly and he has been critical ever since. Even though he has not seen our software since and we have gone on to dominate the specific marketplace, this chap reportedly tells others that our software is awful and that we refuse to make changes. The grudge he apparently holds is serious.

I wish people like this chap were like the Tasmanian Devils – fighting for what they want and believe in and then letting go for a new day. Life is too short to hold a grudge.