Woolworths must think consumers are idiots. They want you to shop at their supermarkets to get 4 cents a litre off petrol and then buy something in the petrol outlet convenience shop to get a further 4 cents off. Checkout the details of the deal here. The discount is off inflated prices – just go to an independent fuel outlet to see what the real price of petrol is.

If I owned an independent fuel outlet I’d be vocal in exposing the sham of the Woolworths offer. It’s a discount when you don’t get a discount. Unfortunately, their size and advertising spend will stop consumers seeing the campaign for what it really is.

Small businesses need to use clear and consistent messages to demonstrate the real discounts they offer every day. They need to NOT mimic the likes of Woolworths. They ought to give every customer a flyer exposing the Woolworths offer and comparing it to their genuine discount offer.