We are in the middle of a national round of user meetings where we get close to our clients in more than twenty locations around the country. We’re trying something different this time by preceding the tradition al user meeting – where we provide some training, take questions about the software and discuss enhancements suggestions – with a business discussion.

The business roundtable as we’re calling is the part of the meeting I run. There is no agenda. Issues raised by our clients about their businesses are put on the table and we talk through how these might be navigated with the software. What is interesting from the two so far – Tuesday in Sydney and yesterday in Brisbane – is how differently people interact with the software.

Some see a computer system as something which ought to be able to assist with any business question or challenge and they drive it accordingly. Others see a computer system as something to fear and engage with as little as possible. I prefer clients who actively interact with the software and push its boundaries.

While more interactive users present more challenges for a software company, they are the people who will help you create better software. Better software makes for a better software company. And that’s what the roundtables are about – helping demonstrate practically to our clients how the software can help in any business situation.