retailer_pos.JPGI was at a Coles supermarket this morning and bought four of the one item. The Coles employee did four keystrokes before scanning one item to register that four sold.

Using our point of sale software (see image) you can sell four items with a single keystroke and scan. Of course you can scan four items separately and have no keystrokes at all.

The key about point of sale software design is the speed and accuracy with which you can process sales. What I saw at Coles this morning was cumbersome and provided more opportunity for employee error.

We help our users complete sales without any keystrokes. Using employee cards you can scan the various items in a sale and then scan the employee card to end the sale – and record the sale against the employee. Indeed, there are multiple ways to process and end sales to suit the various business needs we encounter.

My interest in watching the Coles employee this morning was the use of keystrokes to complete what better systems achieve in more efficient and accurate ways.